Zurab Mkheidze


``People create their own lives. I believe that all problems are created on the basis of incorrect communication. Depending on what the internal communication is - you either feel happy or you do not; It is your choice how you develop the concept in relation to the world. It is possible to learn how to live better way.”

Specialty Psychologist
Degrees Master of Science
Professional Interests
  • Psychology
  • Management
  • communications


Associate Professor at Eastern Europe University. Has 30 years of consulting experience in management and public relations with up to 20 public or private companies.

Has been lecturing and training in management and communication for over 25 years.

At various times he lectured at the University of Georgia, Tbilisi State University, participated in about 30 studies and consulting projects.


1980-1985  Tbilisi State University, Social psychology Faculty


1985-1988 Assistant of the Department of Social Psychology, Tbilisi State University
1988-1991 Teacher of Social Psychology, Tbilisi State University
1991-1993 Deputy Dean of Tbilisi State University
1985 – 2012 Lecturer of the Department of Social Psychology, Tbilisi State University
1990-1992 Researcher of the Center for Applied Psychology, Ministry of Education
1993 – Analysis and Forecasting Division Expert, Office of the Head of State
1993 – Deputy Head of the Scientific-Technical Center, Ministry of State Security
1998 – 2006 – Deputy Head of the Foreign Intelligence Service
2005 – Head of Human Resources, Institute for Social Research
2006-2009 Lecturer at the School of Journalism, University of Georgia
2008 – “Ars Magna” Ltd, founder, head trainer
2008-2010 – Head of Human Resources, JSC Georgian Card
2010-2015 Head of Quality Management Department, Smart Retail
From 2011 to present Visiting Lecturer, School of Journalism, Social Sciences, GIPA Institute of Public Affairs
2015-2017 Advisor, Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia
2017-2019 Public Relations Consultant, GWP
2018-2019 Consultant, Company” Lideani”
From 2020 to present, Consultant of the Administrative Directorate Tbilisi Energy
From 2020 to present Adviser on business development, Georgian-German Reproductive Center



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