Nino Museridze

Medical Director

``Welcome to you who would like to join us in our exploration of new life, who trust us and believe in the power of dreams, team of GGRC is a part of your family and we try together to make it 1+1=3``

Specialty Pathologist, Embryologist
Degrees MD. PhD, TMA Professor
Professional Interests
  • Reproductology
  • Pathological Anatomy
  • Embryology
  • Pathomorphology


Professor Nino Museridze is the Founder and Medical Director of GGRC, experienced embryologist and pathologist, member of ESHRE, Founder of the Georgian Colposcopy Federation and lecturer Professor of TMA head of pathological anatomy department; Professor Museridze has published extensively in peer-reviewed scientific papers including abstracts and also she is an author of a book “Infertility – questions and answers”. Dr. Nino museridze is also founder of charitable foundation “For You” that provides financial support to provide reproductive cervices for childless families. She is award winner – Charitable Doctor For the past 15 years she has actively been involved in researching and developing a way to deliver affordable, fair and equal access to IVF treatment.


1999 – Tbilisi Medical Academy, Faculty of Medicine.
1999 – License of “General Profile Doctor”;
1999-2001 – Doctor Pathologologist Qualification for the Department of Pathological Anatomy, Tbilisi State Medical University;
2001 – “pathological anatomy” license;
2002-2006 – seeker, academician A. Natishvili Institute of Morphology;
2006 – Scientific degree of medicine sciences, academician A. Natishvili Institute of Morphology, Tbilisi State Medical Institute.


2003 – present – medical center “cyto”, Cytomorphologist;
2009 – Assistant Professor of TSMU’s pathological anatomy direction;
2003-2009 – Lectures on the Institute of Doctors Training Institute “Modern diagnostic methods of cervical pathologies”;
2006 year – Present – Lecturer of the UN Population Project “Gynecological Pathology”;
2006-2016 – Institute of Medical Radiology – Cytopathological Diagnostics (Pap test);
2001-2008 – I. Zhordania’s house Human Reproductive Institutes, Doctor Pathoanatomist (Hystomorphological and Cytomorphologic   Diagnosis);
2008 -2016 To Head of Hystomorphology and Pap Diagnostics Department of Zhordania’s Human Reproduction Institute;
2010 – 2017 – I. Zhordania’s house Department of Human Reproduction “In Vitro”, a doctor-embryo;
2010-present – Expert of the Accreditation Center in the field of Laboratory, ISO 15189 – Cytology, Histology, Embryology;
2017 -2018 – Medical Center “Lancet” – Head of Medical Tourism and Inventory Fertilizer Department and Head of Laboratory of Histopathology;
2018 to 1.03 – Present – K. Maradaleishvili Medical Center – Head of the Bank of Inventory Department and Department of Oncology Patients;
2018.01.02. – Head of Pathological Anatomy Direction, Full Professor.
Since 2019 – GGRC – Georgian German Reproductive Center Medical Director.


May 5, 2008, 5th Caucasian Conference for Laboratory Medicine (Labor Limbach, Heidelberg);
2007 October 15th International Conference of European Society of Gynecological Oncology (ESGO) Berlin, Germany;
2006 XXVI Congress of the International Academy of Pathology, Montreal, Canada;
May 2006 The European School of Oncology (ESO), Prague, Czech Republic;
October 2004 of Cervical Pathology _ Colposcopy, Grecotel Corfu Imperial, Greece;
May 2004 Ioannina University Courses in Pathology (IUCP), Greece;
September 2009 FIGO Congress, Africa, Cape Town;
October 2009 ESGO Congress, Belgrade;
May 2010 ESHRE workshop;
May 2010 Workshop (IVF, IMSI, ICSI) Kiev, Ukraine;
June 2010 HPV 2010 International Congress of Montreal, Canada;
June 2010 Workshop (IVF, IMSI, ICSI, IVM), Me Gill University, Montreal, Canada;
July 2010 ESGO Congress, Berlin, Germany;
April 2011 IGCS Regional meeting on gynecologic cancers; New Delhi, India;
March 2012 ISGE World Congress of gynecological endocrinology Italy.

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