Madona Jugeli

Head of Supervisory Council

``Each patient is an individual, a respondent to personalized medicine; we work with the patient in a conciliation mode. Our experience, Good will, the right way, the right information prepared and the joint work of whole team makes our goals targeted.``

Specialty  Reproductology, Gynecology
Degrees MD. PhD.
Professional Interests
  • Gynecology & Obstetrics
  • Colposcopy
  • IVF


Mrs. Jugeli was awarded academic degree as Doctor of Medicine (2009). She has completed a full course of post-graduate continuing professional education at the University Clinic of Umeå,(Sweden), as well as the continuing professional education course at University Clinic of Uppsala (Sweden). Starting from 2010, she is the president of Georgian Colposcopy Federation.

Since 2016, she is the Head of Cervical Pathology Prevention and Treatment Department at Medical Clinic ‘Caraps Medline’. She has worked as a doctor of gynecology and reproductology for several years. Ms. Jugeli is an author and co-author of up to twenty articles as well as a participant of international and local conferences and scientific conventions.


1984 – 1990 – Tbilisi State Medical University.
1992 – 1995 – University Clinic of Umeå, Sweden. Postgraduate Education.
1995 – University Clinic of Uppsala, Sweden. Department of Reproductology.
2002 – The State Certificate in Reproductology, Obstetrics and Gynecology.
2008 – The Doctor of Medicine Degree.
2012 – The State Certificate in Reproductology, Obstetrics and Gynecology.


1991 – 2006 I. Zhordania Institute of Human Reproduction.
2003 – 2004 CITO Medical Centre;
2005 – present David Tatishvili Medical Center;
2006 – 2014 – Research Institute of Clinical Medicine;
2010 – 2012- Insurance Company GPI Holding;
2010- President of the Georgian Federation of Colposcopy;
2010 – 2012 -Insurance Company GPI Holding;
2011 – 2013-Insurance Company ALDAGI BCI;
2014 – 2016- I. Zhordania Institute of Human Reproduction Medical Director at Vake Branch;
2016-present- current Since 2016 she works in “Caraps Medline” clinic and, at the same time, she is the Head of cervical pathology prevention and treatment department at “Evex Medical Corporation”;
2019-present-Georgian-German Reproductive Center-Head of Supervisory Council.



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