The Operations Abroad Worldwide Medical Travel & Wellness Conference Cyprus

Worldwide Medical Travel & Wellness Conference organized by British Medical Tourism Provider – Operations Abroad Worldwide that was global medical travel around the world has started from Cyprus at February 18. The goal of the conference was to gather all important medicine service providers from around the world and to introduce the new opportunities in order to allow the delegates to gain more knowledge and get the latest news, to develop new opportunities for health Industry for the different countries of the world as well as for the leading clinics and hospitals. It was a unique conference in the international medical tourism industry that focused on innovative treatment approaches that change the world healthcare market. The main focus was on how the combination of new technologies impacts innovative surgical advances and treatment outcomes.

A healthy lifestyle tourism market is one of the fastest growing travel fields. According to the Global Wellness Summit, the travel niche will reach $ 680 billion by next year. This figure is growing 50% faster than the tourism industry as a whole. That’s why this event was a great opportunity for our new clinic, which is now gaining forces and getting the new place in the market of medical tourism.

Our clinic leaders, Nino Museridze and Giorgi Archvadze, as conference delegates from Georgia, met persons from the leading clinics and medical tourism companies that create weather in the medical world today. B2B meetings were held between international representatives from 29 countries. The conference was undoubtedly designed for practical results, as the organizer was itself a strong, influential and 20-year-old British Medical Tourism Company. They gave delegate countries the unique opportunity to talk to one of the world’s strongest companies and offer their services. They came up with new ideas and learned new approaches. Georgian-German Reproductive Medicine Center GGRC – made an interesting presentation to the conference participants and the specific plans for future prospects were already written in the conference business meetings.

“Every medical institution with whom we work, have the highest standards, the modern technologies and the highest medical experience. Our philosophy of ethics implies every patient should be treated and cared for in the same way that you would expect one of your family to be treated and to provide all patients with a very personalized level of service at all times so that patients feel relaxed and safe travelling abroad for their medical treatment, then our patients will be satisfied with our service and grateful for our well-being. ” – This is the slogan of the British company Operations Abroad Worldwide Program and this is a company that is opening door for our newborn company for great future prospects.

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