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When I was little, about 4-5 years old, I loved playing doctor: I used to line up all my toys in a big corridor and carefully give them consultation. Perhaps all this had its own objective reasons, because first time at the age of 6 I realized that there are other professions besides medicine – that was, when I went to school and met the teacher for the first time.

All my family members are doctors. Those who are no longer in this world, they were also doctors. For me, the white coat, the smell of rubber gloves, and the white walls of the hospital were as much a part of everyday life as playing “catch me” was for other children.

Then years passed and I had a lot of interests in my life and for a while I forgot playing “catch me”, but soon I lost enthusiasm and I was bored again,  “I didn’t want to play anymore”.

In the end, the conscious, unconscious, subconscious and the whole universe led me to the decision that I should not break the tradition of my family either, I should enter the huge, dark labyrinth of medicine, which has only one entrance, and I should take the Hippocratic Oath.

This decision was not a surprise for my family. Everyone was already used to the fact that everyone should be a doctor with us. As if they knew about this decision, just like 2 times 2 equals 4. But this was the first time in my life when my father found himself in the “enemy camp” – only he was against my doctoring. For the first time in my life, my father did not talk to me for 2 months.

At least I scored mine in the end. This is where the greatest adventure began. Now I wanted to know more specifically which branch I would choose directly in medicine. Every new experience gave birth to a new idea in me.
Communicating with patients, collecting anamnesis, their sympathy, support and most importantly – making the correct diagnosis made me more “excited” every time.
I still had a hard time finding myself, even though everything equally fascinated and attracted me. If you take a small child into a toy or chocolate store and he looks around with burning eyes – I was in this condition. I wanted everything, but I knew – I had to choose one. As it happens: we are looking for the only one, but I – in medicine.

I was always sentimental, especially when I see pregnant women and couples with babies on the street. I was surprised how they didn’t die of nervousness when a woman was giving birth, or how they could say the word “abortion” without emotion when it’s a tragedy for me. I was angry, why those around me were not happy like me when they learned about the pregnancy of a relative.

One fine day I was in these thoughts when I accidentally found myself in the “Georgian-German Reproductive Center”. This fact turned my life upside down. In the first moment, I felt the warmth that I had been looking for for so long. I could see how the patients were waiting for the doctors. What I had not seen, but I witnessed such eyes of a patient for the first time. All doctors were gods to them. They were not afraid of doctors here; They saw them as angels who made their patients’ dreams come true.

“You will definitely become a mother” – I heard from the small room, when one very beautiful lady told another. That’s when I realized that this is where I belong: where medicine and magical adventures are perfectly combined.

The first time I attended the puncture of the ovaries, I lost my mind from nervousness. No one was surprised: something like this usually happens to a student at least once during an operation, but this was not my first operation, so I was surprised myself. I heard the names of medicines unknown to me before and I could not understand the regularity of what and how they did.
When I saw the transfer of the embryo in the uterine cavity for the first time, I cried from happiness, thinking how great a miracle I witnessed.

Then I broke into the embryological laboratory. It’s an amazing feeling when a living thing develops before your eyes. Then I realized that I could create a new life as well, although I was afraid when I realized what a great responsibility I would have: negative consequences, aborted pregnancies and more. This is a secondary process of this great work. There is no good without evil and light darkness. Every evening I sat up late, waiting for the results of each patient’s analysis. I perceived their negative results and hardships as my own. I encountered a lot of tears, pain and nervousness, much more than I thought.

Time passed and I realized that I had no right to give up and give up. This is when something was not as I wanted.
Every positive result gave me the strength to do so. Every time I hear the heartbeat of the fetus, so many years of life are added to my heart. Seeing beautiful pregnant women in the corridors, their happy and happy faces, every patient’s words – “Thank you” turns all my pains and wounds into an ointment.

Today I experience  both good and bad in the same way, but I cannot imagine a single moment of my life without patients. The more time passes, the more I realize that I made the right decision about this.

I want you to know that once you choose this path, you will no longer be the master of yourself, but the patient will cover you head to toe with his life and trials. There will be no day, no night, no weekend, no day for you without patients. You may think I’m crazy, but trust me – once you feel what I go through every day – everything will become clear to you too.
Here, the end of the fairy tale is always good.

You are not only giving life to others, but also to yourself.
I believe that every reproducologist is a soldier who fights with a sharp sword to achieve the goal of his patient. At the same time, he is a kind angel who fulfills all dreams. I think that each of them was born on a lucky star, because there is nothing bigger than a miracle in this world when you give a person the greatest happiness – a child.

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