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Love, mutual understanding, the joy of being together and happiness make two people a couple and an exciting adventure begins, often this tale is shattered and a stronger and more responsible bond is formed, which we call family, this stage is crowned with the fruit of love, children and lasts until the end of life. The main rays of love do not disappear if there are loyalty and responsibility. Rather, families start responsibly, often when a new family is formed, couples do not feel the need to conduct preventive examinations. In many cases, pregnancy is not planned in advance and sometimes it leads to many complications. When the future mother or father of the baby is a carrier of a certain infection or disease, the baby will have health problems during pregnancy, or it will be difficult to conceive. We need to start taking care of our child before he or she is born.
What should be the pre-pregnancy period, how should we prepare for new life in our body and family?
American doctors give us 17 tips on how to prepare for pregnancy. Considering these tips is often associated with some difficulties for us, but a few of them must be followed and for this the responsible behavior of the couple is enough. For example, abstaining from cigarettes and alcohol, avoiding stressful situations, switching to a healthy diet, losing weight, getting tested for infections and viruses. Reduce caffeine intake, visit the dentist, etc. A well-rounded preparation period reduces the risk of any complications during pregnancy, thus protecting not only yourself but also your unborn child.
I would like to focus on the most important thing – a healthy lifestyle, sometimes poor nutrition, sleep and stress cause infertility. Most of the time, the cycle is disrupted, and in men – a decrease in actively motile sperm. Vitamin A should be considered during feeding. Excessive intake of it can cause any kind of defect in the fetus. Expectant mothers should get vegetables, fruits, dairy products every day. A woman should reach the desired weight so as not to create the problem of obesity during pregnancy, which in turn can lead to gestational diabetes and other complications. It is good to eat fish, it contains omega 3 and vitamin D.  8 hours of sleep is essential, but not at the expense of the morning. It is advisable to go to bed at 22:00 at night and get up at 6-7 in the morning.

A prerequisite for a responsible marriage is a screening for sexually transmitted diseases, viral infections, hepatitis B and C, HIV, syphilis and thyroid.

What complications can be avoided by planning a pregnancy?

By planning a pregnancy, we first avoid unwanted pregnancies and abortions, which in turn lead to many complications. Before a planned pregnancy, the expectant mother should be informed that taking folic acid  reduces the likelihood of developing fetal neural tube defects. Therefore, all women should start taking folic acid at least 6 weeks before their planned pregnancy and continue to take it during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.
The psychological and physical readiness of the future parents ensures the full growth and development of the child. By planning a pregnancy you are protecting both yourself and your unborn child.

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