GGRC – The Winner Brand with Reputation and Trust

“Georgian Brand Day” was held in Georgia for the nineteenth time this year. Leading companies were revealed in several nominations at the event, including reputation and trust, successful new brand, successful investment, brand-persona and more.
Georgian-German Reproductive Center GGRC is the Winner in “Reputation and Trust” Nomination.
“Georgian-German Reproductive Medicine Center is just two years old, during this short time it has easily gained the trust of patients and has established a decent reputation in the medical field. First of all, it is due to the high corporate responsibility that makes the clinic distinctive and reliable in the Georgian medical area. On the basis of the clinic there is a childless families support fund “for you”, which finances low-income and socially vulnerable families IVF procedures.  Service fees paid by foreign patients are transferred to the fund and Georgian couples are getting help from this source.  For the second year in a row, infertile couples are being surveyed and consulted by clinic doctors in the regions free of charge. With the help of the Georgian-German Reproductive Center and the Foundation, more than 200 babies have already been born in Georgia and the same number of families are waiting for a new life. ”- Georgian Brand Day 2021

Despite the severe epidemic, “Georgian Brand Day 2021” was held in compliance with all regulations and rules. The event was attended by the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia along with the business elite, who in his welcoming speech focused on the 19-year development stage, which was taking place in the Georgian economy in parallel with the “Georgian Brand Day”.
“I would like to congratulate you on the Georgian Brand Day, which was founded in 2003, and I also congratulate the organizers that this project has become a national tradition. If we look at the retrospective, compared to 2003, a very long and interesting way has passed for this award itself, as well as for Georgian production and Georgian business.
Over the years, we have witnessed how new brands have developed in Georgia, crossed the borders of Georgia and are proudly represented on the world market. Here we are talking about brands created in the field of art, manufacturing, medical services, tourism. It is also proud that among the companies awarded today are the beneficiaries of “Produce in Georgia”- said Natia Turnava.
The event did not end without the display of traditional clothes. “Marigold” from the collection of modernized Georgian costumes adapted royal  clothes that was shown by the staff of the Georgian-German Reproductive Center GGRC  presented them in the role of models.
“When we started working on the project, the word ‘brand’ was so foreign to the public that we often had to explain its meaning … Almost two decades have passed since then and we can confidently say that Georgian brands have achieved significant success in the domestic and foreign markets. Victory in various nominations of Georgian brands became the prestigious award of the year, and “Georgian Brand Day” became a national holiday. “Georgian Brand Day” is already 19 years old and you will agree that this is an entire era. Different generations have grown up on it. “Georgian Brand Day” is different in its essence and content, it is a kind of magic not only of business, but also of our country.
At the end of the year, we cover everything that take place in Georgian show business, cultural life, science and, most importantly, business. Due to the pandemic, the war-torn companies were able to survive and the Georgian Brand Day was held. I would like to congratulate all the winning Georgian brands on “Georgian Brand Day”. I am sure we will overcome all the challenges and new successes await us, “said Manana Gegidze, the founder of the agency “Profile “and the organizer of the Georgian Brand Day.

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