Another Support of the Bank of Georgia to GGRC

The Bank of Georgia continues to implement necessary and important projects of GGRC. In partnership with the bank, the Georgian-German Reproductive Medicine Center is attracting new partners from around the world in order to expand its activities.

“With the support of the Bank of Georgia, we were able to purchase and renovate the clinic. Today, the Georgian-German Reproductive Center GGRC is the only clinic in Georgia with high corporate responsibility. We signed cooperation agreements with China, Spain, Israel and Turkey. Companies from the mentioned countries refer patients to our clinic, who undergo examinations and procedures according to the request. We are also actively involved in finding new contacts and establishing future long-term relationships with clinics and medical tourism companies around the world. Based on the increased revenues of the company, we help more Georgian patients through the internal fund, which is very important for us”, – said the founder and clinical director, Nino Museridze.

The Bank of Georgia expresses its readiness to support the clinic’s innovative projects in the future, which primarily serve to improve the Georgian demographic situation. According to the decision of the clinic’s managers, within the framework of social responsibility, every foreign patient’s investment is used to co-finance one Georgian patient.

“We are happy to support companies that implement important projects and have high social responsibility. Initially, with our support, the clinic signed a contract with a Chinese company, which was the first contract for them. This brought great success and benefit to the clinic. The total cost of the project is 780,000 euros. The bank’s investment is 600,000 euros. Also, within the framework of the EBRD project, the company additionally received financial resources in the amount of 350,000 euros. The bank’s investment was used for the purchase of medical equipment and laboratory equipment for the new clinic,” said the Director of the Small and Medium Business Sales Department of the Bank of Georgia, Grigol Saliashvili.

It should be noted that the medical center is actively involved in the development of the field. Organized by GGRC, free consultations, seminars and conferences, both local and international, are often held in regional clinics throughout Georgia. The clinic plans to open a branch in Batumi in the future. According to today’s data, the reproductive center has fifty employees and plans to employ twenty more people.

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