3rd International Conference, Tbilisi, September 18-19, 2022

Georgian-German Reproductive Center  GGRC with the support of Georgian Associations of Reproducologists, Obstetricians and Urologists, on September 18-19, 2022 will host the third international medical scientific-practical conference “Infertility 35+” at the Biltmore Hotel in Tbilisi

🔷 The participants of the conference will have the opportunity to listen to the presidents of the associations of reproductive specialists of different countries and doctors of the world’s leading clinics, from America, Israel, Germany, Turkey, Lithuania, Kazakhstan,
🔷 The main topics of the conference are:
“News in Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Methods”; “The importance of genetic studies in reproductive medicine”; “Pregnancy Management in Diabetes cases “; “Biological Material Collection from Oncology Patients”; “Infertility Statistics and Research on the Rise”; “Stem Cell Isolation and the PRP Procedure”
🔷 Pre-registered candidates will participate in the workshop, which will be held in the operating block and embryology laboratory of GGRC.
🔷 Workshop topic – “Isolation of stem cells and PRP procedure”
🔷 According to the decision of the N14 meeting of the Professional Development Council on June 24, 2022, the conference format program – “Infertility 35+” (Acr. N C0359) was awarded 1 type 9 UPG points for “Reproductive Medicine”, “Obstetrics and Gynecology”, “Urology”, “Clinical Oncology” “, for doctors certified in “endocrinology” and “oncosurgery”.
🔷 Registered participants of the conference will be given relevant certificates.
🔴 Traditionally, for citizens of Georgia, attendance at the conference is free this year as well
Those wishing to attend the conference should follow the link 👇 for registration

International Conference “Infertility 35+”


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